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About Us

Encounter Your Fantasies in Private.

Private Encounters is a laid back, down to earth, very welcoming group of people who love to be open minded in their playtime.

Private Encounters have been hosting parties at the Couples Choice VIP House for 8 years and have enjoyed every bit of it.  

Our parties are on the 2nd Friday of the Month unless otherwise noted in our party dates.

Our goal at Private Encounters is to make everyone comfortable. If you are new to the lifestyle, we want you to feel like you've been here before, and for the more seasoned lifestylers, we want you to feel at home.

Our hope is that all who join us for our partys will feel welcomed, a spirit of acceptance, respect, and a safe private place to be themselves and to be with other like-minded people for open minded playtime.

Our upscale, private on premise parties provide a unique atmosphere for Couples who are Bi-Bi/Comfortable, Single Bi males and Single Bi females. In a relaxed no pressure non intimidating setting, where all are free to explore their own "secret fantasies" and express their deepest desires. And always know that we only expect you to play at the level that you are comfortable at and nothing more.  There will be M/M contact at our parties, so if this is somthing that does not interest you, ask us for information about other parties in the area.

Parties are held in a 3 bedroom house with 9 play area's, a large social area with a DJ and dance floor and roomy kitchen. 2 bathrooms, one with a shower. Toiletries are provides. We have a private couples only with invited guest/s area, a spider chair, and a glory hole.

We serve a full meal buffet with deserts and coffee.

B.Y.O.B. We will provide: cups, ice, asst. soda's, bottled water, asst. juices, tonic water for mixers

All partys are non smoking in the house, however there is a private smoking area provided.

Let us know if you need to stay the night, we can have you pick out a bed or check out the list of hotels that we have.

Our partys are a NO PRESSURE enviroment! We honor the privacy of our guests. Everything that happens here stay's here!!  All activities between our guests are by MUTUAL CONSENT ONLY, no exceptions to that rule will be allowed! "NO" MEANS "NO".

Partys start at 8:00 pm till 2:30 am.We lock the door by 12:00 pm so if your going to be joining us later than that, please call to let us know.

ALL New Bi/Bi Curious single males and females, must fill out a contact form, send a full picture of yourself, and plan on making time to talk to one of us on the phone. Also, tell us where you found out about us: Lifestyle site, Google ect.